Garden Lessons

My husband and I have always wanted a place where we could plant things outside and take care of our own lawn and not have some crazy grass company nearly running us over. We had dreams of having the prettiest lawn and the nicest flower gardens, what we didn’t think about was that having these things requires; time and money. Two things that we don’t usually have too much of, so we held off for a year and lived with our ugly yard and flower gardens.

We tried planting seeds in our flower beds, but after I did we had horrible rain for weeks on end, and my guess is that the seeds drowned. After the rain stopped, we were lucky and found an awesome sale at the local Lowes store for all the things we needed.  However silly it sounds, we were beaming from ear to ear walking out of the store with our little cart full of mulch, succulents, lavender, daisies, spear mint and a small little bush we decided one day will give us shade. When we got home, I couldn’t wait to make our place pretty; I sat in the lawn and potted everything, and at the end of the day I came back in the house covered in dirt and feeling accomplished!!



After potting everything, we decided they needed a little boost, and we thought nothing of it when we found a big bag of plant food for $4, that accompanied with more crazy rain is what did all of our plants in. The worst part about it was that this was the first time we had a flower garden and we had failed, luckily, the flowers had a warranty so I took them in and with the money got new flowers.  Before our flowers all died, we had found more bags of mulch on sale and had planned to do the other flower bed on the side of the house with them, but because of all the rain and having no time, they had been sitting on our porch, waiting.

Finally the rain stopped, I had time to plant and mulch, (and Derek finally got holes punched in pots, but you didn’t hear that part!), so while he was at school, I made the yard look pretty.  Originally, we had gerber daisies, lavender, and spearmint, now we have lavender, petunias, and chocolate mint. The succulents you see pictured are my collection of hens and chicks from various family members, and some new ones I found at Lowes for a dollar, the only one I lost was the egg/rock plant. I think it got too much water because the plant itself rotted; I brought it in the house to dry it out and hope that a new plant would pop out of the soil but my lovely little helper, Blizzard, had her own idea. While I was not home and Derek was at school, she got on the table and knocked off the teacup I had it planted in, so I decided to start over and bought a new succulent and planted it, the new one seems to be enjoying the teacup more and is thriving. I also took the advice of my grama and threw away the cheap plant food, and bought Miracle Grow, and that made a big difference too!


I think the second time our flower beds look much better, and with the little things we have found here and there on sale I think it looks perfect!

Does anyone else have any “garden lessons” like mine? Tell me about them!


Sweet minty dreams, friends!! xoxo Erin


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